GJRU Presentation Day Sunday August 12

Sun, 12 August, 16:00 – 18:00

Greengate Hotel, 655A Pacific Hwy, Killara NSW 2071, Australia (map)

Proceedings will start at 4pm SHARP and be completed by 6pm.

All players will receive a badge & team photo, we are catering this event so please encourage players to come along.


  • Welcome by GJRU President Brad Harrison, presentation of 5 year jumpers
  • Under 16 State Champs – winning jumpers to be presented with address by Gavin Dingley
  • Girls
  • Under 12s
  • Under 15s
  • Under 10s
  • Under 13s
  • Under 14s
  • Under 11s
  • Opens

All coaches and Managers will receive a gift from the committee for their great work this season.