2018 GJRU Committee Members

The following people have generously offered to volunteer for the 2018 season. GJRU can only function with the help of volunteers from our Village Clubs. Thank you.

2018 GJRU Executive Committee
Brad Harrison
Vice President: Michael Onslow
Secretary: Susan Stenning
Treasurer: Meredith Holt

2018 GJRU Sub-Committee
Rugby 15s Rep Co-ordinator (girls & boys): John McGurk
Rugby 7s Rep Co-ordinator (girls & boys): Chris Cooper
Girl’s Rugby Co-ordinator (15s & 7s): Yvette Stening
Minis Co-ordinator: Jonathan Moody
Development Co-ordinator: Sven Graham
Gear Steward: Hugh Stanley
GJRU Lunch Co-ordinators: Meredith Holt & Linda Hutton
Web Master: Rob Stenning
TeamSnap Co-ordinators: Tony Cooper & Michael Onslow
TAS Tour Co-ordinator: Sandy Basten
Pathways Co-ordinator: Andrew Heaven

Contact details for committee and Sub-Committee members can be found HERE