GJRU Concussion Guidelines


As many of you are aware, Rugby Australia has further enhanced their Concussion Management protocol/policy.

The key message for us all is that we all need to be risk averse when it comes to head knocks, and it is incumbent upon every parent & player to let their Coach/Trainer/Manager know if they have had a head knock. It is understood that not every head knock is a concussion, BUT every head knock could well be a concussion.

The Rugby Australia has implemented the Blue Card in 2018.This empowers referees to sideline any player they suspect of suffering a concussion during the game. The player must be medically assessed to determine whether they can play or sit the rest of the game out.

Every Coach appointed by Gordon JRU is aware of the updated ARU Concussion policy requirements. To be clear if a Coach determines your child should not train due to a head knock or  suspected concussion then that is fully supported by the Gordon Committee. Player welfare & safety is a key value of Gordon Junior Rugby.

I urge you all to CLICK HERE to familiarise yourself with the Rugby Australia policy.

CLICK HERE to view and download a great document to print off and keep handy.